Connecticut Event Planners Soar with FileMaker, Inc.

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Wings Unlimited’s custom app keeps company’s data at the ready

At one event, participants cling to the deck of a yacht during a team building regatta. At another, an aerial performer suspends herself on red silks half a dozen feet off the ground. At yet another, attendees experience the latest in technology in an actual, custom built half of a connected car.

These are the kinds of events that Wings Unlimited loves to create: fantastical reprieves from normal life, brought to life by expert planning. The company engineers meetings and events ranging from high exposure programs to training seminars, with attendees ranging from as few as 20 to as many as 1,500. The planners at Wings Unlimited take pride in knowing everything, all the time, so that their clients don’t have to.

“Sometimes, someone will stop you at a dinner event and say, ‘What time am I supposed to leave on my flight out tomorrow morning?’” said April Riordan, the company’s director of business operations. “And it's certainly a help to have that at our fingertips through our app … Our clients want everything perfect. We help them achieve that.”

The events start in the realm of the imagination. Clients work with Wings Unlimited to conceptualize their ideal employee or customer experience. Then the reality begins to come into focus. Where will the event be held? What’s the budget? Who’s invited? Who can attend? Can the keynote speaker make it in time for the welcome dinner? That’s when planners turn to their app and start researching.

Access to critical data in ever-changing situations

Answers emerge as the event takes shape. But throughout the planning process, and during the event itself, there are constantly shifting variables that require attention. Flights are cancelled. Lecture sessions fill up beyond capacity. A storm begins to brew when an evening meal is planned